5 Tips for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

By Tina
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Jul 7th, 2014

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Everybody loves a good chocolate chip cookie and if you want them to turn out fabulous every time, follow these simple steps. No matter what your recipe, you are guaranteed the perfect cookies every time!

1.) Butter:

Using a good quality butter can make all the difference when it comes to your cookies. Choose an organic, grass fed butter for the best results. Definitely avoid margarine and other shortenings, they just do not compare and are not very healthy either.

Tip #1: Make sure you butter is at ROOM TEMPERATURE, if the butter is too soft it can make the cookies too greasy, if its too hard, it will be difficult to work with.

2.) Creaming:

Creaming refers to beating the butter and sugar together until it comes together to resemble a creamy frosting-like consistency. This usually takes about 7 minutes and promises light, airy cookies.

Tip #2: Make sure you cream the butter and sugar together really well until its creamy and fluffy- 7 minutes is usually the perfect time.

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3.) Sugar:

When it comes to cookies the general rule is that white sugar makes them more crunchy and brown sugar makes them more chewy. Don’t be afraid to mix up the sugar in your recipe to achieve your desired preference.

Tip #3: If you like your cookies chewy use brown sugar, if you like them crispy use white sugar- combine the both for the perfect combination. 

4.) Eggs:

For most baked recipes eggs should be room temperature, if they are cold they tend to curdle the creamed mixture. While this doesn’t really impact on the taste, it does affect the way the cookies bake. The eggs should also be added one at a time so they can be incorporated into the batter evenly.

Tip #4: Keep eggs at room temperature

5.) Baking:

Make sure the oven is preheated to the exact temperature that your recipe calls for. If the oven is not hot enough, the cookies will spread and become too thin. All oven temperatures vary so you may have to adjust depending on your oven. If your mix has become very soft (which can happen on hot days or if the dough has been overworked), place it in the fridge to firm up before baking.

Tip #5: Always preheat the oven to ensure your cookies stay the perfect shape

Here is my recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie-


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