‘Better Than Chinese Take-Out’ Noodles

By Tina
In Budget Friendly
May 27th, 2013

Every once in a while we all get a craving for chinese take-away but often noodles and other dishes can be super high in calories. This recipe not only tastes delicious but it cuts the calories in half and still satisfies the craving!

This recipe is also super flexible so feel free to add any combination of vegetables that suit you!


1.) Begin by roasting the peanuts in the all spice chinese mix on a low heat with a bit of oil. Toss the peanuts until golden and put to the side.

2.) In the same pan add the beaten egg and cook an omelette. Cool, slice and leave to the side.

3.) Add the vegetables, onion and ginger and saute until veggies are cooked but not wilted.

4.) To make the sauce add the hoisin, sweet chilli and kecap manis into a bowl and mix together.

5.) Add the cooked noodles and sauce to the veggie mix and toss to combine. Add the peanuts. Serve!

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