Dip Marinated Fish

By Tina
In Dinner
Aug 2nd, 2013

Yep, you read it right. Check out this fish marinated in dip! On a recent trip to a Mediterranean dip shop I came across this delicious sundried tomato and garlic dip and decided to use it as a marinade. It came out SO delicious I just had to share it! Of course use your discretion when selecting an appropriate dip but I feel there is a lot of room for experimenting here.

Feel free to leave a comment on what dip you tried and if it works!


2 Filets of Sole (or any white flakey fish)
3 tbs of your favorite dip (I used a sundried tomato and garlic dip)


1.) Rinse and pat dry your fish and coat generously with the dip of your choice.
2.) Coat the fish in generous layer of dip on both sides.
3.) Place into a medium heat fry pan with a little oil and cook till golden.

Sounds different/weird/crazy but I promise this dip-fish was a winner!

I then paired it with store bought fresh tabbouleh, baby kale leaves and baked honey carrots!
(You can find my recipe for baked honey carrots here)


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