Mango Upside Down Cake

By Tina
In Dinner Party
Aug 4th, 2014

Mangoes are hands down one of my most favorite fruits. I decided to make this cake because I had a lot of mangoes laying around, but you can definitely use frozen mango as it works just as well.

This cake is moist and light and the mangoes give it a nice tang. If you are not a fan of mangoes this recipe can easily be used with peaches, plums and pineapple.

Ingredients for 1 x 9inch cake
4 mangoes, peeled and slived
1/2 stick of butter
2/3 cup of brown sugar
1 1/3 cup AP flour
1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 stick of butter
2/3 cup of sugar
2 eggs
zest and juice of one orange
2 tsp vanilla

pinch of salt


1.) To make the topping, place the half stick of butter into a medium saucepan along with the brown sugar. Bring to the boil gently and then take off heat.

2.) Grease a 9 inch cake pan with cooking spray and then pour the syrup into the bottom of the tin. Arrange the mango slices in the syrup. It doesn’t matter if the mango is not coated completely in the syrup as it will spread while cooking.

mango cake 1

mango cake 2

3.) To make the cake, cream the stick of butter and 2/3 cup of sugar. Add the eggs gradually and the vanilla. Add the orange zest and juice. Fold in the flour, baking powder and salt.

mango cake 3

mango cake 4

4.) Pour the cake batter onto the mangoes, being careful not to move them around too much.

mango cake 6

5.) Place into a preheated 350 F oven for 30 minutes or until cake is cooked.

6.) Allow to cool slightly and then invert onto a plate. Serve.

mango cake 7



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