Georgetown Cupcake

By Tina
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Aug 4th, 2013

If you have seen the TV show or you’re a cupcake fiend chances are you have heard of Georgetown Cupcake, supposedly one of the best cupcake bakeries in all of America. Of course I had to see if the name lived up to the hype so I purchased a dozen of their most popular flavors.

Looks pretty good huh? The flavors from top left to bottom right are- coconut, birthday cake, gluten free lava cake, chocolate, red velvet and neapolitan.

I recommend you arrive to the store before 2pm as after that time a lot of the more unique flavors have sold out for the day. You can also pre-order cupcakes for the next day.

Most of the cupcakes were made from a simple vanilla base (except for the chocolate and red velvet) and were then lightly flavored or topped with their signature swirl frosting. The vanilla base was nice and moist and had that real vanilla flavor which was good.

The chocolate cupcake was not overly rich and the red velvet cupcake had a great color and texture and paired well with the cream cheese frosting.

The coconut cupcake was my favorite as the frosting was cream cheese based and the coconut flavor was just right.

So, do I think this place lived up to the hype? Well firstly, I think I should of tried the more exotic flavors than sticking with original flavors. But as far as original cupcakes go, these are far from dissapointing but I wouldn’t rave about them either.

Would I go back? Sure. Would I order any of the above flavors again? Maybe the coconut but probably not any of the others.

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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